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Career Crushing on Amber Greasley – Assistant Chief of Staff

We chatted to Amber Greasley on her journey within the media industry, from being crowned Miss World Australia, to landing a gig at 7 News.


CareerCrushing with Jess Jones – Founder of Soar Collective

Jess Jones, 35 Founder of Soar Collective, entrepreneur and speaker @soarcollective Jess Jones wrote in a notebook about a business idea that would provide events, education and support for young people in business. It was over a decade later – and six months into her current business, Soar Collective – that she realised she was doing just that. “I reread the pages with the initial ideas on it and was blown away that I was pretty much doing what I’d first had my heart set on doing,” Jess, 35, said, “It just took me about 10 years of reading, learning, working, traveling and many incredible experiences to get me where I needed to be to be ready and able to bring that idea to life.” Jess’ experiences began when she was expelled from high school and decided to take on a full time traineeship at McDonalds. “I got expelled from school at the end of year 11, so I started working at Maccas full time on $4.92 an hour doing a traineeship just before turning …